Our Story

We met at Summer Camp.

Yes, it’s true (love).

We were counselors at a sleep-away camp in northwestern Connecticut on a beautiful lake nestled in the woods at the foot of the Berkshires. And we pretty much fell in love …and into a deep and enduring friendship.

As it turned out, we went to high schools and grew up just ‘over the mountain’ (Wendy still maintains that it’s more of a ‘big hill’!) from each other in central Connecticut, and did quite a bit of driving back and forth over that mountain to spend time with each other at the end of our memorable New England high school years.

Jason went off to University of Florida to find some warmth and sunshine, and a year later Wendy decided on Tufts University outside of Boston to expand her mind and explore college independence. 

We stayed in close touch with each other on scheduled phone calls (there were no cell phones), writing postcards and letters (email was in its earliest days and only from centralized locations), and by planning adventures flying, driving, camping and exploring.
We made a point to organize fun and exciting travels and experiences with each other—on a college budget—in order to keep, as we called it, ‘getting to know each other’ anew.
We built in and retrofitted the back of a navy blue Mazda pickup truck with Jason’s cousin’s expert carpentry assistance and made it complete with denim-covered cushions and matching velcro-donned curtains handmade by Wendy with some help from a dear friend, all so we could pack our basic life’s goods and also sleep comfortably and inexpensively ‘indoors’ in sleeping bags wherever we stopped. Once ready, we set out in the fall of 1993 on a 3-month camping journey across the country,

taking a southern meandering route ‘truck camping’ and outdoor camping all along the way. When we couldn’t go any further south or further west, we stopped. A 425 square-foot free-standing apartment ‘house’ was our first home in Southern California. Pacific Beach is where we stayed for a while by the Pacific Ocean in San Diego to pursue a life of amateur surfing, fish tacos, love and pure enjoyment.

Skipping ahead a few years and here 23 years later after graduate school, work, travel and a wonderful couple of decades experiencing life together, we are still happily and healthily situated in San Diego, California. We also spend a week each month in NYC working with clients and getting our fill of the arts, theater, family and friends, and delicious eats, too. Travel continues to be a big part of our personal and professional lives.

We are still actively ‘getting to know each other’ every day, and we are still finding adventure in all that life—and each day—has to offer.

We invite you to get to know us more, and to explore this site and our related sites (and sights), sounds, and interests. Please stay in touch, as well, and we’ll be pleased to get to know you, too!

Eat well. Move daily. Be Healthy!

With bazilians of well-wishes,

Wendy & Jason Bazilian